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Tequila Valley Tour In search of the Tequila Trail

Discover the cultural heritage of Tequila explained by a certified guide, visit a Tequila Factory and the place where this wonderful drink is originally traced to.

In order to understand our mithology and cosmo vision of our ancestors it becomes of outmost importance to visit the ceremonial precinct of Guachimontones.   See how this mother culture was organized, its economy, religion, political organization.  Here your guides explaine all about this western civilization from 400 years B.C.

Tour Includes:

ě Visit to the Ceremonial precinct Guachimontones (Pyramids)
ě Tequila Tasting Session herbals, fruity, floral tequilas, etc.
This is a professional specialized session that offers to your  consideration the best of the Tequila industry.
ě  Admissions.
ě  Visit a an obsidian shop.
ě  Transportatioˇn.

Tour lasts 7 hours aprox. It is important to wear comfortable shoes, (no hills or sandals please)

Not  included: Meals, Souvenirs, bottled products or tips.

We venture into UNESCO World Heritage Site to interact with Agave Farmers as they harvest the raw material to produce the tequila.   Discover how the blue agave is planted, cultivated, and harvested.  Then visit a Tequila Distillery to discover how the tequila is made and distilled.  Lastly we  will see the aging process.  Of course, at the end, we will have some tequila  tasting !

Our travelers should be able to differentiate between floral tequilas, fruity, spicy, and herbal tequilas.

Reservation is required !  Use our contact form or send us an e-mail to
Tels: (33) 3659  9379, 01800 831 2292 Cel 3336 777602