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Tlaquepaque - Guadalajara tours


Without leaving the city of Guadalajara you will be able to host your event in a traditional surrounding at Tlaquepaque, your event could be held at an old convent of El Refugio, in a Traditional Mansion on the Tlaquepaque shopping area, or at a tequila distillery, the oldest tequila distillery in Guadalajara.

Close to Guadalajara International Airport, these two unique Mexican traditions come together. Tlaquepaque shopping area. Mariachis, Tequila distillery and the warmth of its people will make your event something to remember.

Tlaquepaque has 11 boutique hotels to choose from and 14 excellent, fist class restaurants who would be glad to provide the catering for your event.

Our team of professionals can provide:

* Transportation Airport - Hotel
* Boutique hotels reservations
* Church arrangements
* Limo service
* Buses
* Tapatío Buffet
* And much more