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Life can be filled with momentous! Our goal is to help you experience the world of tequila, tradition, music, colors and flavors of our country.


Tlaquepaque or Tonala, arts and crafts mecas, can be visited daily without a minimum of travelers. If you are in the city for business or for pleasure, we have departures in the mornings or in the afternoon.

We have scheduled departures to the Tequila Valley. We start by visiting the archeological site to discover the prehispanic tradition of tequila, the Spanish tradition is presented by visiting the great haciendas, and lastly we focus on today´s tequila production and industry by visiting the distilleries in the Tequila valley, declared UNESCO´s world heritage site recently.

Educational tours are targeted towards students who may have an interest in how local industries work and perform, tequila might just be the product. Our tours are deliver by professional in their areas of expertise.


For your events, we have unique places full of tradition and beauty where your event will have the success you are looking for. Distilleries, haciendas, historic precincts in Tlaquepaque are only some examples of what we can provide for your event.

Enjoy the rest of our website, if you do not find what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us.

Your satisfaction is our goal!
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